World’s Leading Registrars Joins hand with Infibeam to Offer Global Top Level Domain .OOO ( dot-tripe-O)

Infibeam-logoAhmedabad, India, October 14, 2014: Infibeam has announced that it has executed Registry Registrar Agreement (RRA’s ) with world leading Registrars to make the new generic top level domain .OOO available to millions of customer worldwide. All the Registrars are accredited registrar with ICANN, having over 15 years of experience in distribution and management of domain names and specializes in offering the very best domain services from trademark protection to DNS protection to corporations and general customers.

Among the large global registrars with whom Infibeam signed agreement are: Bigrock(India), Comlaude (London), CSC Global (USA), Enom (USA), EuroDNS (Luxembourg), GMO (Japan), Markmonitor(USA), (USA), Network Solutions (USA), Uniregistry (Cayman Islands), 101 Domains ( USA).

In today’s domain industry, there are a lot of pain points for domain buyers and domain users. One of the major concerns for the buyer today is to get choice of domain name as most of the names either have been taken or have been hoarded. .OOO will unfold the opportunity for the users to have name of choice and will fulfil all internet related business needs.

.OOO is the new generic top level domain and will be available for customers worldwide for creating global business and identity. .OOO will now open the scope for millions of SME’s, enterprises and brands who struggling to get right digital identity and get visibility globally. Infact today .OOO is the most credible global domain available in terms of its scope, availability and will offer opportunity for all legitimate purpose on Internet to everyone worldwide.

Partnering with global Registrars will help Infibeam leverage to reach out to a broader customer base worldwide for .OOO and will continue building broad base of global registrars.

Infibeam has launched the sunrise phase on 22nd September, 2014 (12 UTC-5.30 am IST) for trademark holders to safeguard relevant registrations before it opens for general availability from 23-10-2014.

On this occasion Soumya Iyer,  Project Manager .OOO said that “We are happy to partner with one of the most credible and experienced companies in domain industry and we are confident that using their sales platform, we will be able to reach out to millions of potential customers. Users will have unprecedented choice to make their brand identity recognised online.”

.OOO is a new global generic Top Level Domain, which is SEO friendly.

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