What Tech Tools Do Businesses Need in 2020/21?

Technology has become key to every business’s survival in 2020 and will continue to be integral into 2021. Then, to ensure that your business can stay afloat amid the huge reliance on technology that is taking place, here are some of the top technology tools and software that your business needs to thrive in the COVID era.

Return to Work Solutions

Now that many employers are beginning to look toward a return to normality, there has been a greater call for software that can enable them to do this successfully. Of these, return to work solutions can help your employers to feel safe at work and can reduce the rates of COVID within your workplace. This is because these apps can be used to effectively implement social distancing measures through their conjunction with SPOT tags, which can allow employees to check in to a certain desk through a QR code.

Cloud Software

In 2020, there has begun to be a greater reliance on the cloud within businesses, with many companies using cloud software for various means. Although tech and online retail companies use the cloud to generate quick servers that can support their business processes, others use the cloud to store important information in a secure environment. Many cloud apps are being produced, which can help keep your workplace connected even when they cannot be together physically, with file storage apps allowing multiple employees to access and edit files at once.

Security Services

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the increase of businesses operating online, there has also been an increase in cyberattacks in many countries across the world. It is then paramount that you install security services and software onto your gadgets and devices in 2020 and beyond. These services include firewalls and encryption. By doing this, you will be able to limit the risk of getting hacked either internally or externally, allowing you to secure your business’s data and that of your customers. This can prevent you from becoming one of the businesses that contribute to the $200K that is lost annually to cybercrime.

Video Conferencing Software

Most businesses and employers are used to video conferencing software in winter 2020, with services such as Zoom and Google Hangouts increasing in popularity throughout the year. However, if you have not currently downloaded this software, now is the time to do so, with premium options giving you unlimited access to group video calls. This can help your company to stay connected and can ensure that you will be allowed to conduct meetings with both employees and clients when big decisions need to be made.

Technology has become integral to the smooth running of every business in 2020. However, for some businesses that have not previously relied on technology, the wealth of gadgets that are available can be daunting. Then, this guide provides you with some of the best options that you need to use within your business as the COVID era stretches on.

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