Walkover Web Solutions Migrates to MongoDB

New Delhi, India, March 18, 2015: MongoDB has announced that Walkover Web Solutions, an IT provider that specializes in innovative web applications, has migrated from a relational database to MongoDB for MSG91, an app that offers various SMS solutions for transactional services, where delivery of time sensitive information is crucial.

Walkover Web Solutions’ popular app was built on MySQL, however, as customer demand for the app grew, the company found it could not effectively scale beyond 500,000 messages per day. To meet growing demand and maintain the high level of functionality they had come to expect, Walkover Web migrated the app to MongoDB Enterprise Advanced.  Now MSG91 is equipped to scale effectively and can handle more than 50 million mobile messages per day.

“At Walkover, we strive for continuous innovation, and to achieve that, we choose to work with the very best technologies in the industry. We’ve seen in multiple use cases that MongoDB is the right database for the next generation of mobile and big data applications,” said, Pushpendra Agrawal, CEO ofWalkover Web Solutions. 

“Data is at the heart of our business strategy as we move into a new era of mobile communication. It’s absolutely vital to our business to work with technology we can trust, but just as important is to have back up and support staff that we can rely on too. With MongoDB we get a package which includes all of that, and helps us deliver a better user experience,” Mr. Agrawal added. 

Kamal Brar, Vice President APAC at MongoDB, said, “These projects highlight how much value MongoDB’s technology and expertise brings to companies that are building the next generation of mobile applications. We will provide MongoDB Enterprise Advanced for Walkover’s mobile and web platforms, ensuring enterprise-grade security, proactive support, uptime and scalability to meet it’s demanding subscriber growth.”

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