Unlockar assisted Akshaya Patra for its ‘Feed one Child’ initiative

Unlockar-Apps-logoNew Delhi, India, June 12, 2014: Unlockar Apps Pvt. Ltd., a start-up working on amalgamating marketing and technology domains in the form of their maiden Android application, Unlockar, successfully concluded a social initiative ‘Feed one Child’ by creating awareness and raising funds in association with Akshaya Patra.

In this two week social initiative, Unlockar pushed ‘Feed One Child’ campaign creative to its user’s smart phone lock screens. On swiping left on the lock screen, users were diverted to the donation page. The campaign registered a staggering 20941 Lock Screen impressions, out of which 5084 converted in actual visit to Akshaya Patra donation’s webpage.

Unlockar will continue to support Akshaya Patra with direct donations on behalf of its users who choose to donate their reward money. Every time a user unlocks their phone, the app rewards the user which could subsequently be used to make donations.

Director of Unlockar Manish Garg said, “It was always imperative for our team to support social causes we believe in. We are grateful to the Akshaya Patra team to become our partner. We became a channel for them to reach out to our users. We will persistently support such initiatives in future along with serving our users with stunning infotainment on lock screen.”

Rajeev K. Gandhi, Enterprise Service, Akshaya Patra, said, “We appreciate Unlockar’s efforts in assisting us using their youth oriented Android app to reach to as many young people as possible and to get donation for our “Feed One Child” initiative. Youth only will mould the future thinking of India as a society. Akshaya Patra strives to ensure that children in India are well fed, nourished and given an opportunity to go to school, get educated so that they lead a fruitful life.”


Unlockar is also associated with PETA and CRY to support other social causes.


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