UltraProlink launches a range of Universal Car-mounts for smartphones/phablets

UltraProlink-MaestroNew Delhi, India, February 15, 2016: UltraProlink, India’s leading gadget accessories brand has launched a comprehensive range of car-mounts that are compatible with most leading smartphone / phablet brands. Each variant in the range  – Robot, Maestro, Gooseneck, Slider or Vento is high on functionality and style. The versatile mounts can be deployed on the windscreen, the Dashboard or the AC vent. Whether you own an efficient 4 incher or an expensive 6 incher/ Samsung, Apple, Micromax, Microsoft or any other brand, there is an UltraProlink car-mount for you! Access the internet, navigate, check-out What’s App/facebook/Linkedin, enjoy your favorite music, email, games, apps etc. the UltraProlink car-mounts ensure full access to your gadget on the go. Once securely mounted, all models offer the USP of Single Hand Operation.

“The in-car environment is a very challenging and dynamic environment. You have to keep in consideration the safety, stability, connectivity and access to the gadget while the placement causes least impedance to the driver. And everyone has a special preference for this. So UltraProlink car-mounts can be installed on windshield, dash-board or air-vents. The range offers mounting solutions for phones of various sizes across a wide price spectrum. Safe and sturdy, UltraProlink car-mounts are designed to complement the interiors of your car, with you gadget comfortably cradled and ready for your next command,” says Pankaj Mirchandani.

The UltraProlink Universal Car-mounts

The UltraProlink Maestro, Robot, Gooseneck, Vento & Slider are ergonomically designed keeping and offer maximum safety and convenienceto to the traveler. If you find a windshield mounted gadget a hindrance while driving, then UltrProlink Universal mounts offer you the choice of installing them on the dashboard or the car AC Vent, while ensuring easy access and gadget functionality. The products enable easy access to your gadget without obstructing the driver’s view.

UltraProlink Robot: Robot is a very sturdy and agile dashboard n windshield mount. Equipped with up & down and right & left pivots along with the adjustable ball-joint, the UltraProlink Robot offers the widest range to position your smartphone. The spring-loaded clamp with extra large side arms, bottom projections and rubber coating ensures that your gadget stays in place even when the car is negotiating the bumpiest of rides. True to its name this Car-mount looks and acts like a Robot!

Price: INR 799  (Advise to check online price/best deals)

Colors: Black

Compatible with: One Plus 2, one Plus X, iphone 6 Plus among others

UltraProlink Maestro – This car-mount offers strong base support, the clamps and the rubber projections at the bottom hold your device firmly gripped whether on the windshield or the dashboard. The ball-joint in the cradle groove allow for 360-degree rotation of the device. This allows all the front-row travelers easy access to any gadget with upto 5”

Price: INR 599  (Advise to check online price/best deals)

Color: Black

Compatible with: Moto G, Moto X, Sony Xperia Z5 among others

Ultraprolink Gooseneck – The unique feature about the car-mount is the long flexi-arm, which allows easy reach & convenience to the user. Odd angles are no deterrents and even if the position of the device need to be changed frequently, this could be easily done by just twisting the flexi-arm into the desirable position. And the highly dependable UlraProlink cradle mechanism takes care of the rest. You enjoy the full gadget functionality, knowing that it is safe and secure. The Gooseneck could handle all the popular gadgets with upto 5” screens

Price: INR 699  (Advise to check online price/best deals)

Color: Black

Compatible with: iphone 6 & 6s, HTC One, M7 among others

UltraProlink Slider: The UltraProlink Slider is a Universal mount that installs conveniently on the windshield as well as the Dashboard. The heavy-duty spring clamp and the rubber lining hold the smartphone in place. The neck comprising of a nut and ball mechanism is rotatable by 360 degrees. Choose the best position and tighten the nut to keep it that way. The 3.5” wide clamp will be suitable for gadgets with screen sizes upto 4 inches.

Price: INR 399  (Advise to check online price/best deals)

Color: Black

Compatible with: Samsung Galaxy J series, iPhone 4/4S, Micromax Canvas 5 among others

UltraProlink Vent-O – The UltraProlink Vent-O is a universal car-mount that installs into the AC vent of the car. The 4.3” holder is wide enough to go with most large size (4”-6” screens) smartphones and gadgets. The rubber coating on the inside of ensures secure grip for your smartphone. With a horizontally mounted gadget, Vent-O can be adjusted 360 degree to achieve the most suitable orientation. The screw mechanism holds the phone in set position.

Price: INR 399  (Advise to check online price/best deals)

Color : Black

Compatible with: iPhone 4/4S, Samsung J Series, Karbon A6 turbo, Lenovo vibe X3 among others

Availability & warranty

UltraProlink Universal car-mounts come with a manufacturer warranty of six months and are available across all the major centers like Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, & Lucknow. Consumers can buy the product from large format outlets like Croma, Jumbo, Spencers, & most of the Apple Premium stores across the country and at leading ecommerce portals like Amazon, Flipkart, PayTM, Shopclues.com, Infibeam, etc. UltraProlink products also sell from major travel retailers at airports and metro stations like Buddy Retail’s Gadget Point, Relay and WHSmith. 

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