TO THE NEW launches VIDEO+ to help brands capitalize on the power of Digital Video

Mumbai, India, October 20, 2014: TO THE NEW, Asia’s leading digital solutions powerhouse, today launched their innovative VIDEO+ Solution at the MIPCOM 2014 in Cannes, France. The new solution innovatively integrates brand solutions, content creation, operations, cloud-based platform development and proprietary tools for marketing and analytics. The solution is designed to offer brands end-to-end digital video capabilities, enabling them to leverage the power of video to help drive consumer awareness, engagement, and conversion.


Digital video sharing is growing at a fundamental rate. Fast Track Asia, especially, is expected to grow to twice the size of the US market over the next 3 years, which is a USD $10 Billion market currently. Over half of 18-54 year olds share video online as per eMarketer. A recent report from comScore reveals that online buyers are 64% more likely to buy a product after watching a video. Also, Nielsen claims that over 60% marketers believe that videos will dominate their communication strategy moving forward. With the rise of video sharing, brands in the Asian market are looking for one-stop partners who can help them tap this opportunity.

TO THE NEW manages digital video campaigns and content for over 100 clients, which results in over 5 billion views and 17 million subscribers for its clients. It has a team of over 300 people trained in video creation, marketing, management and technology capabilities. TO THE NEW is leading the change in video space in Fast Track Asia namely India, China and South East Asia.

‘TO THE NEW VIDEO+’ solution offers brands end-to-end video capabilities ranging from conceptualizing brand campaigns to creating and crowdsourcing original video content, building and managing video-on-demand platforms, live streaming, digital video operations management, monetization and distribution of video content. The solution is underpinned by proprietary technology and also offers in-depth viewership and audience analytics for video platforms.

Puneet Johar, CEO of TO THE NEW, said, “The exponential growth of digital video sharing and consumption is pushing brands to integrate video in their communication strategy on all social platforms. TO THE NEW VIDEO+ will empower brands to leverage digital videos to drive engagement, maximize reach and ROI all with a single solution.”

The proprietary products of TO THE NEW that are part of this solution include ThoughtBuzz for social analytics, Blogmint for crowdsourcing and DDEX for distribution.

TO THE NEW is an Internet products and solutions company that is accelerating disruption in the digital marketing and video space in Asia with its social and mobile first approach in analytics, social CRM, digital video, content, mobile and influencer marketing space. Its unique blend of freemium products that are versioned in local languages in Asia has helped it grow to a 600+ people company in 8 markets in Asia Pacific in a short span of three years.

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