Things just got a lot more Social with the All-New ‘Guvera Feed’

Mumbai, India, June 4, 2015: Guvera, a leading global music streaming service, today announced the launch of the Guvera social feed. The feature brings a social element to the app, and further enhances the core pillar of the company – music discovery.

The Guvera feed includes two main tabs – ‘Following’ and ‘Notifications’. ‘Following’ is presented via a scrollable feed that shows what (followed) users are listening to, what tracks have been added to followed playlists and also provides suggestions on users to follow. The ‘Notifications’ tab alerts users when they have a new follower on their profile or to one of their playlists.

Commenting on the introduction of the feature, Mr. Darren Herft, CEO, Guvera Limited said, “The Guvera feed is a great new addition to the app. Not only does it allow our users to become more immersed in music discovery, but also provides another avenue for brands to engage with users through exclusive playlists and content.”

Guvera has grown from a global user base of 1.5 million users in October 2014, to more than 10 million users in May 2015. Of this, India accounts for over 3 million listeners, making it the largest market for the service yet.

Mr. Herft further added, “With the popularity of social media platforms in India, we believe that the Guvera feed will resonate well in this market, and will help our users engage with each other over a common passion – music.”

The Guvera feed is now part of the latest version of the Guvera app, available across the App Store and the Google Play Store on iOS and Android, respectively.

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