The Top Programming Skills that You Need to Build a Marketing Website

How good are you at coding?

If you are looking to start a website, you might want to learn a bit of coding. Sure, a CMS like WordPress can make coding nearly non-existent, but if you want your marketing website to stand out, you may want to invest in learning programming languages like HTML and CSS.

How do you begin?

For one, every website has two parts – front-end (which is what the client sees) and backend (the real process through which the client can see on the website). From conceptualizing to deployment, we will take a look at all the programming skills you need to get started.

To build an effective marketing website, you need to focus on both. Let’s walk you through it.

Frontend Development – HTML and CSS:

To sculpt out the basic skeleton of any website, ‘HTML’ is your go,  as it contains the basic layout and structure of the webpage.

To add skin and design to the plain skeleton (HTML), we have another major and useful language, ‘CSS.’ We can style out the webpage and have proper designs and carousels to make the website attractive to the user or client.

The more attractive the website is, the more audience it will attract. CSS supports frameworks such as Bootstrap to make the site more compatible and attractive.

JavaScript :

Trust me, without JavaScript the internet wouldn’t have been as it is – it’s what makes it interactive and gives functionality. Using Javascript and its libraries, we can make the website user-interactive. Using graphical representations and attractive designs often seem as major pros of a website.

Backend Development:

Now, you have a fully designed website, but it’s still locally available in your system. With backend development, you can export your local files of the webpage on to a server. No matter where two programmers are – be it London or New York – the distance will not matter.

Using languages and tools like PHP, Django (Python), Node.Js, and Ruby, you can create servers locally first. You can give access to a database for storing all inputs, user info. Later, you can deploy your web application onto a bigger and real server— people all over the world can access your website, and your hard work pays off

Now, backend involves a lot of work and effort to work properly. Among other things, you need to use APIs, cookies, and sessions properly.

Don’t forget that you need SEO-friendly coding

The internet is huge – you have over 2.7 zettabytes of data in the digital universe today. No matter what you search for today, you are sure to see hundreds of results. However, you want your website to feature on the first page of the search results, and there comes the need for an SEO-friendly website.

For a marketing website, you need the programming to take into account what search engine crawlers need. From ensuring that the pages are easily crawlable to having fast load times, everything is important. You don’t want long coding that translates to slow loading times.

A perfect example of that would be sites such as CasinoCaptain. They focus on elements such as speed and a interface that is user friendly and not too heavy.

Building a Strong and Reliable Marketing Website

Learning some of these languages can take years. You will need to spend countless hours studying the codes, and then compiling it when working. Designing your marketing website takes time. Take it slow. Hire the right developers if you need them. If you design it right, it will make for an experience that both search engines and users love. There is no better feeling than that.

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