The Future of Online Poker and VR (Virtual Reality)

The amazing realm of virtual reality is hitting online casinos across the world. Thanks to modernised gaming technology solutions, the latest trend of VR has fast become a preferred method of gaming. So what does this mean for the future of online poker and how will virtual reality affect online casinos? Furthermore, what can avid online casino players expect for the future of online gaming?

How Does VR Impact Online Poker and Casino Games?

With the introduction of anything new, there is always some measure of concern and this is especially true within the online poker niche. Players, more often than not, voice their sceptical opinions and aren’t accustomed to looking at the positive outcome of new technology. However, in recent days, technology has proven to be successful when weighing out the pros and cons and users are starting to see a trend, one that is hard to deny as being successful. When online casinos were first introduced to the market in the mid 90’s, land-based casino players couldn’t see online gambling as successful as visiting their local establishments. But in the years to follow, it became apparent that online casinos were dominating the scene, making gambling more convenient than ever before. Now many Canadian online casino software companies are investing in both virtual reality and augmented reality. The same trend can be seen happening with online casinos adopting VR as a gaming option and it has the curiosity of players piqued.

Oculus Rift DK2 is a device that allows players to see a 3 dimensional realm and interact with their surroundings. The device is worn around the user’s head and images are projected through special lenses allowing players the freedom to move around and see projected surroundings. This is a ground breaking finding for poker players as it promises to change the game altogether by mimicking a game on a 360 degree level.

Interactive Gameplay

Online poker tournaments can be played using VR devices that connects to other players around the world. Although the technology used to support this interactive gameplay hasn’t been perfected as of yet, the future holds much promise with regards to the successful outcome of playing VR online poker. Players are currently able to choose avatars and bet, fold or call a bluff in tournaments, thus improving their chances of winning as opposed to playing blind as one would standardly do online. It goes without saying that the entire VR experience is way more rewarding as it becomes more realistic.

What Can We Expect?

The future of online poker lies within the progress of virtual reality technology and the casinos interested in adopting this method of gameplay. Players will soon be able to download their favourite online casino application and access the VR games as long as they have a VR device. The fact that the virtual reality world allows users to play against others in real time in a 3D setting, is something that is considered as revolutionary and it is for this reason that many predict that more online casinos will soon be offering VR poker games to their members.

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