The best budgeting apps for your smartphone

It is very important to keep all your incomes and expenses under control. You can make some analyses and find out what sphere of your life takes the biggest part of your budget. Is it entertainment, eating out, or buying clothes – you can track it all in one application on your smartphone.

Why is it so important to keep your finances tracked? For example, when you have several incomes, you can check. Some of them can be your work, some passive incomes, or even something you earn online while playing your favorite games or online casinos. Yes, you can earn some money while having fun, just need to have some good techniques.

What budget app to choose

So you have decided to track all your incomes and expenses. The market today offers a great variety of budgeting apps. We gathered 5 best of them:



3)YNAB – You Need A Budget



Each of them has some great features you might like. Lets have a closer look at each application.


This is the most popular and oldest budgeting app that has a lot of great features. You can link your debit and credit cards, and the app will automatically categorize your incomes and expenses. The categories can always be customized manually. When you check the overall situation in a month, you can see where all your money goes.


The name of the app shows the main idea – the app is here to guard your pocket and help you to save more money. You can link several financial accounts to the app and track all your financial history throughout the month. This app will also help you to track each bill and fins a way how to save on this particular sphere. It is not a simple tracker, but also a big help in reducing your expenses.


This app is a new way to budgeting. You should indicate all your incomes and give every dollar some job. This job includes everything – small everyday expenses like coffee or every bill to pay. So this method makes you think about every dollar you earn and also will show you how easily you spend them.


This app might be a bit harder to navigate, but it makes it’s job perfectly – helps you to keep a budget. The functions are basic – income and expenses tracker and also analyses of the remaining funds to avoid not needed spending.


Cash envelopes is a popular budgeting system. You have different envelopes that categorize your expenses. You just put some amount in cash in each envelope and try to spend only this amount. It is a bit more complicated with credit or debit cards, but this app helps you to use this service in the digital world.

Each budgeting style has its followers. You can try several methods, which you have found on and several applications before you find the one that works the best for you. But please remember that budgeting is a big everyday work that requires your time and attention. Only after you work hard on it, you will be able to get some results in a month, or even in several months.  In the beginning, it might be hard to keep still tracking all your expenses, even if they are small. But for sure you will get a significant profit from it and will be able to save more money.

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