Stripe Atlas Network partners with TLabs

TLabs, the leading Indian start-up accelerator, sets new horizons for the budding Indian establishments by joining the Stripe Atlas Network. Stripe Atlas is a new service from Stripe that gives entrepreneurs access to some fundamental tools and infrastructure for starting and growing a global internet business. The Stripe Atlas Network is comprised of a group of more than 60 partners around the world who can invite local entrepreneurs to join the program.

Working from the States, Stripe is a technology platform that developers use to build internet businesses. Thousands of businesses, ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, rely on Stripe’s software tools to accept payments, expand globally, and create new revenue streams. By reducing the barriers to starting and operating a business regardless of location or means, Stripe aims to bring more would-be companies online and accelerate the internet economy.

In a few clicks, Atlas entrepreneurs can gain access to features like:

  1. An incorporated U.S. business entity
  2. A U.S. bank account
  3. A Stripe account to receive payments from anywhere in the world
  4. Basic services that they need to get started – including tax advice from PwC, legal advice from Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe, and tools from Amazon Web Services (including $15,000 in AWS credits).

Stripe Atlas shortens the process from months to days, and costs a fraction of the previous price. Atlas can help entrepreneurs set up a business in the U.S., save on travel costs, legal fee, document creation, and other tedious processes. Atlas is currently available as an invite-only private beta.

As a member of the Atlas Network, TLabs can recommend Indian companies for early access to the beta. Stripe Atlas gives entrepreneurs around the world a way to access robust business and banking infrastructure, emblematic of a global business hub. Stripe Atlas offers U.S. incorporation to start, but over time Stripe will expand the program to a handful of other countries around the world that also give entrepreneurs access to great tools and global banking infrastructure. News Service

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