Spotnsave’s smartband ready to gaurd Indian Women

Spotnsave-smartbandNew Delhi, India, July 2,  2014: SpotNsave is all set to release the biggest need of the hour, an adroitly developed citation of wearable technology which will send that critical SOS message to five of your guardians along with location in the time of distress. Such an inexpensive avant-garde technology simplifies the means to reach out to your family in the dread situations. And it is expected to hit the market by the end of this month and it will be economically priced to reach the majority.

Spotnsave smart band breeze in comfy-to-wear sleek n stylish silicon bands that could be adopted as an indispensable part of their life. And this soft & classy smartband is comprised of a rechargeable module deployed with avant-garde technology that gets into action right after double clicking the SOS button on band which not only sends that crucial SMS with your location but also keeps on updating your real-time location which makes them easier to reach you at the earliest.

This smart band works when a free SOS app: spotnsave, is installed in your phone, in which you can key in upto 5 contacts.The app sends out a message to your contacts along with your real-time location at regular intervals. And once your ‘guardians’ have your co-ordinates , the app leads them to you with turn-by-turn driving directions on Google Maps (the app uses cell-tower triangulation and the GPS service on your handset to do this).

Not only this, spotNsave also sends your contacts a notification when your battery runs out or you go out of network range. In the tests, it is found the app and the band worked really well, letting guardians trace your route across the length of city, with an accuracy of up to 20 meters radius.

Cutting-edge smart band can be bought online through various e-commerce channels. And is expected to be priced way less than a smart band like this deserves, because for the company it is not a mere product, its the need of an hour, which will surely fare better than smart watches in India.

Company’s officials says, “We are overwhelmed with the response we got from India in past few months while in testing phase of spotnsave smart device and we are very responsibly dealing with the expectations of the people. We through our product are aiming to bring down the statistics painful crime incidents across India and make the women feel secure with reliable band on their hands.”

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