Silicon Valley Tech industry poised to enter U.S. online gambling market in 2022

People look at Silicon Valley as a source of innovation and rely on the brilliant minds there to create the technologies of the future. This is frequently the case and the smart individuals working for the huge companies on the coast are frequently surprising people with their latest creations. When it comes to online casinos, technology is also important, as it provides players with an incentive to stay active.

More US states legalize online gambling

A glance at the online casino industry will highlight the fact that there were a few key moments over the years. The arrival of live casinos like this website here pushed the entire industry further and reignited interest in online gambling. Conversely, the expansion of mobile gambling represented a breath of fresh air for an industry that was at the time, struggling. As smartphones and tablets became more powerful, the interest in mobile gambling grew and the online gambling market found a way to reinvent itself.

It’s been a while since something meaningful happen, but the arrival of virtual reality is guaranteed to change all that. This is the technology of the future that everyone is hoping for when it comes to entertainment. Online casinos are obviously on the bandwagon and diligently work to be the first to tap into its immense potential. Even though they have significant resources and brilliant minds of their own, casinos can’t compete with the Silicon Valley tech juggernauts.

Until recently, there was little interest from Silicon Valley tech to invest significant time and resources into gambling projects. On one hand, Internet gambling was prohibited in the US and this represents the biggest market in the world. As the wheels of change are turning and more states licensed gambling, there is growing interest in legalizing it. Silicon Valley companies can shape the industry by providing the next technologies to online casinos.

Virtual reality is a game-changer

Modern gambling operators brag about their ability to create an immersive environment for prospective punters. While this is partially true and the industry made significant steps forward, it still needs a giant leap to significantly expand its customer base. Virtual reality is the game-changer that casinos are waiting for and it can really make a difference in the years to come. The technology is already used to make slots more immersive, as punters feel like they gamble in a brick-and-mortar casino.

The main benefits of using VR in online gambling will be felt by those who enjoy live dealer games. For the time being, online casinos broadcast the action live from dedicated studios and even land-based casinos. With virtual reality, punters will be able to explore the premises at leisure and interact with the croupiers and their peers. Instead of the basic live chat module, they’ll be able to see the avatars of fellow players, while admiring the luxurious interiors of real casinos.

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