Revisit the Gully Cricket Days at Samsung Opera House

The IPL season has gripped the entire country; from youngsters to the elderly everyone seems to be glued to the screens. It’s now time to move out and try your skills in your very own cricket format, Gully Cricket!

Samsung is all set to organize an action packed cricket tournament in the city of Bangalore. Amidst music and fanfare; Samsung Opera House will soon become the ultimate destination for Bangalore’s cricket lovers.

Starting April 11, your favorite Samsung Opera House will host ‘JBL Power Play’ Gully cricket festival. The event is an “Open to all Cricket fan festival”, hosted by Samsung & JBL collectively. Samsung will host the event for public at large and will convert the plaza at the Samsung Opera House into a cricket pitch.

The event aims to bring back childhood memories of ‘Gully Cricket’ format with tons of goodies.

Each player gets to enjoy 3 overs per game per side. Besides the runs, there will be black spots wisely aligned within the net to puzzle the player.

The winning team will be handed over discount coupons from JBL/ Harman products while few lucky winners get a chance to win IPL tickets.

The event would also have a DJ along with some cheerleaders who will be there motivate the players.

So don’t wait, come along with your friends and folks and visit the Samsung opera house to revisit your nostalgic cricket memories.

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