Real Boxing breaks Free on Android with the Power Update

Real-BoxingLondon, UK, October 31, 2014: The award-winning Real Boxing has been the go-to title for boxing enthusiasts all over the world during its almost two-year-long career. And with the Power Update, just now released on Google Play, developer Vivid Games is shaking things up to once again deliver a knockout experience into the hands of millions of gamers.

Players looking for the most exhilarating, no holds barred boxing experience ever seen on Android will be happy to hear that Real Boxing is now available for Free on the Google Play store and is jam-packed with every bit of content introduced over the past two years, and more.

With the power-up system in the new and appropriately named Power Update, players can now turn the tide of battle by skillfully using of one of four special abilities. Each one instantly affects the boxer’s core stats for a limited duration, making for a more dynamic and deeper gameplay experience overall, with players developing tactics to counter their opponent’s power-ups, or creating devastating power-up combinations of their own

The Power Update also introduces Condition – a new stat governing the boxer’s ability to fight, adding that extra level of depth and realism to the gameplay, as well as raising the stakes in both the single and multiplayer portions of the game.

Combined with the Moscow and Rome arenas now available for free with each download and numerous small tweaks and updates like improved AI, Real Boxing is ready to give players the ultimate boxing experience on Android.

Real Boxing with the Power Update is currently available for Free, exclusively on Google Play, with the also free iOS version to receive the Power Update content later this year.

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