Rare Media Company launches Blue Dolphin Lite – a cloud-based, mobile-first field force management suite

Rare Media Company recently announced the release of their latest product Blue Dolphin Lite – a cloud-based, mobile-first field force management suite. Blue Dolphin Lite operates on an Android based application with a web console and is targeted at organisations that need to automate their field operations. The platform simplifies communication between field employees and managers resulting in more efficient monitoring and evaluation.

The key features on the web console include comprehensive GPS based tracking of all employees and the ability to assign tasks and view their progress till completion. The mobile application also makes data collection in the field easier and more cost effective with all the information being collected and synced with the web console in real-time. This eliminates the need for paper and multiple rounds of data entry reducing data leakage and corruption.

“The tracking and management of any field force is an ongoing problem that Blue Dolphin Lite addresses perfectly. It enhances the productivity of field employees which results in reduced operating costs for the organisation,” said Siddhartha Gupta, Co-founder and CEO, Rare Media Company. “Since it’s all happening in real-time, corrective response to any challenges in the field can also be significantly quicker.”

Blue Dolphin Lite is instantly deployable for a field force of any size and available for a 30 day free trial at http://bluedolphin.agastya.guru

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