Quote on Digital India Campaign by Mr. Sumit Gupta & Nishit Dayal, Co-Founders at Dealsnprice.com

While there has been a strong buzz these days about PM’s take on digital media, I personally believe we have been fortunate this time as our PM is motivated enough to make the most use of technological advancements for the betterment of nation.

With a vision to change the country into a digitally-empowered economy, I think our PM is doing great by offering services like Digital Locker, e-education and e-health to a common man.

Since the programme include use of many mobile apps also like Digital India Portal app, MyGov Mobile app, Swachh Bharat Mission app, Aadhaar Mobile app etc. it will reform the mobile marketing too.

“I think it’s fantastic & for a developing country like ours & is going to be a milestone in our endeavours. This innovative campaign will ensure improve systems, get rid of sluggishness which often results in delayed processes. In short, it will encourage start-up enterprises. Since we are also a start up e-commerce platform it would definitely be beneficial for us in too some or other way,” says sumit, founder of DealsnPrice.

“As the whole world is looking at us, launch of this exclusive programme has the potential to catalyse the investment process and generate employment as well. I strongly believe it would represent India as the emerging power of connectivity and communication all over the world,” adds Nishit, co-founder of Dealsnprice.”

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