Quote on Digital India Campaign by Mr. Gyanesh Kumar & Mr. Devesh Kumar Thakur, Directors at Axis Softech

“Digital India Campaign” – A great initiative taken by PM of our country with a dream to make India technologically advanced and better than others. India is a developing country but our small steps and initiatives can make a big difference. If we decide that we can do it then absolutely we will do it. It’s all about matter of taking one step ahead with the motive to achieve the whole world with our talent. There is a dream to make world look at India for the next big innovation and for that India should be adequately equipped and advancement in all aspects. There is a dream to make high speed digital highways in the country to make everyone connected all the time. There is a dream of universal access to mobile connectivity which can help to the large extent. There is a dream to make internet possible for the public & for all to access. There is a dream that all the information should be available to all the citizen at anytime from anywhere. There is a dream that electronic products should not be imported from other countries as our country should become that much sufficient in manufacturing the technologically advanced products and all these things will surely provide great job opportunities for the youth in the IT and electronic  sector.

Therefore, Digital India Campaign launched with lots of dreams and planning’s and it’s time to make all the dreams come true by moving together to achieve the ultimate goal.

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