Quote on Digital India Campaign by Mr. Diwakar Chittora, Co-Founder and CEO Intellipaat, Intellipaat

When the entire nation is equipped with digital connectivity, many more people can participate in India’s growth story. Innovation and entrepreneurship will get a tremendous boost. Once the digital gap in smaller cities is bridged, there’s a huge possibility they might become the preferred locations for startups due to lower operational costs. Additionally, local talent will not have to migrate to larger towns for employment opportunities. 

With universal digital access, prohibitive costs of learning such as shifting to a city with brick and mortar educational institution will disappear for a large chunk of the population. Many more people will be able participate in e-learning and equip themselves with job skills. This exponential growth in demand for e-learning solutions will fuel job creation in the industry. With such strong digital workforce and infrastructure, I won’t be surprised if India becomes the world’s e-learning hub. 

Executed well, Digital India Campaign can become a launchpad for India’s rapid growth and development and propel it towards a digital revolution.

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