Quikr Partners with Google for Now Cards

Bangalore, India, May 1, 2015: Quikr, India’s No. 1 cross category classifieds business, has announced that the company is partnering with Google to be part of an innovative product feature for android users. Quikr will be a part of the Now Cards on the Google app, available on all android powered devices. Quikr users will now have instant access to relevant information on the online classifieds platform at the right time, without having to ask for it, based on their recent online behaviour.

As Google’s Now Cards are targeted and localised for particular users, Quikr will be able give them relevant information instantly and at their fingertips. Currently, Quikr is the only online classifieds company in India to be a part of the Now cards on the Google app.

Pranay Chulet, Founder & CEO of Quikr said, “We are excited to partner with Google as the only online cross category classifieds company on the Now Cards. At Quikr, we focus on co-creating value for our customers and making their online experience better. Now Cards allow us to provide our users with the most relevant and timely information based on their needs. We are constantly innovating our platform to make our users’ experience as seamless, easy and convenient as possible.”

As an Indian company with a deep understanding of local users, Quikr has introduced several product innovations for users, such as pioneering the Missed Call service in India. Apart from the Maximum Selling Price (MSP) calculator on the platform, Quikr recently also launched an instant chat facility Quikr Nxt, for users to connect at their convenience.

The Now Cards are available on the Google Now app which is preloaded on all android devices. They will offer android users helpful assistance throughout their day, including predictive assistance based on their user behaviour, personal answers and helpful voice actions. Google will officially launch the new and improved Now Cards on April 28th 2015.

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