PS 4 Pro, Worth The Upgrade?

Let’s be honest, the PlayStation 4 was an impressive piece of hardware that shock all users to their very core. Grand Theft Auto 5 in crystal clear High Definition never seemed to be more alive. The graphics, the realism, the ultra sharp, razor positioning of character movement still sends shivers down my spine. Unboxing heaven, it was like the PS4 was made for me.

Made for you and me of course, did you ever notice something lacking in games growing up? It was almost as if they were good but not good enough. There was always something missing. That element of control, or the winds movement or the lag in your characters walk, seemed to always throw the game off par.

Like you had been dealt a deck of cards with the jokers missing. It was incomplete and you knew it. Then the PlayStation 3 emerged as the saviour of the day. Excellent graphics, top specs for its time, it was a true icon that was going down in history. Just when we thought Sony had pulled out all the stops the PlayStation 4 launched and outdid its predecessor by leaps and bounds. Much like a no deposit casino bonus Canada has to offer, it was mind blowing in all the right ways.

Now some of you will argue that the improvements were not as dramatic from 2 to 3, but I stand resolute in saying that the PlayStation 4 changed the game, and the proof is in the record breaking number of consoles sold. There was no getting better, until now. The PlayStation 4 Pro has been on the market for some time now and we are digging into it. Is this beast worth the upgrade or not?

PlayStation 4 Pro Specs

This beast of a machine strikes into the heart of futuristic gaming tech, sporting an 8-core x86-64 AMD Jaguar CPU that runs games seamlessly and supports 4K resolutions. The GPU is enhanced with a powerful 1.84 teraflops AMD Radeon graphics engine, for more realism in the games world and specific character.

Loaded with 8GB of GDDR5 memory this unit promises quicker load times and visibly greater worlds that are more immersive and tempting than ever before.

Have You Got 4K?

Let’s be honest, it’s not an everyday feature in the common household just yet. 4K televisions are expensive and in my own mind overpriced. It’s a fad like any piece of technology and as soon as something later or greater is available it will most definitely drop in price. Ultimately where we are is 4K resolutions and it’s about as real as any television screen may get for some time.

It’s bright, it’s bold and yes, it is beautiful but if you don’t own one then there is simply no need to upgrade to the PS4 Pro. Subtle improvements on standard 1080P high-definition televisions may make you feel like a world champion, but will do little to nothing to enhance your game play.  

Where’s the Technology? 

The cruel reality about these new consoles including the PlayStation 4 Pro and Microsoft’s Xbox One X is the fact that this technology is still very new. Even though both these half generation consoles make a significant forward leap in gaming tech and the way gaming is to be shaped in the future, we can be assured that both these gaming giants are working on an official next Gen console that will be even better than these upgrades.

It’s also sad that these consoles are only worth purchasing if you own a 4K television. As we know 4K televisions are expensive, but like any technology will see a gradual decrease in price. So only when the masses can afford a luxury such as a 4K television and gaming consoles have been perfected to display optimized graphics in pure, raw 4K the technology still isn’t worth purchasing at this stage.

Go For It, Jump In 

Unless you own a stellar 4K television you are wasting your time with the PS4 Pro. He standard PlayStation 4 is incredible as it is and if you only have a high definition television set then its still an amazing console well worth the reduced-price tag.

If you really want to be at the forefront of the next development in gaming tech then rather wait for the PlayStation 5. We know Sony will not stop at the Pro and you can rest assured that a new model is already in the design phase.

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