Prestigious TMCnet Tech Culture Award reaffirms Mahindra Comviva’s Leadership in Technology and Innovation

Mahindra Comviva announced that it has received top honours at the TMCnet Tech Culture award 2016 for fostering a creative and collaborative workplace environment. TMCnet, a leading business-to-business and integrated marketing media company, surveyed and selected companies that nurture tech talent driving their overall growth and performance. With a grading system ranging from B to A+, Mahindra Comviva secured ‘A+’ for its superior tech culture which makes it an ideal place to work.

Mahindra Comviva provides a culture of innovation to its employees with freedom to explore, learn, innovate and grow with a consistent focus on development that also yields great business results. With world class training processes and modules, the company offers various unique policies which make it the best place to work while also unleashing entrepreneurial desire and capabilities of its employees. Flagship programs like ICO (Internal Career Opportunity) offers all eligible employees an opportunity to grow or change their role within the organization while PII – Promoting Intrapreneurship & Innovation program encourages all employees to follow their passion.

Commenting on the achievement, Sandyp Bhattacharya, Head of HR and SVP Management Services at Mahindra Comviva, said, “We feel honoured at receiving this award as it reaffirms our resolve to do even better in future. We take great pride in our tech and innovation culture which is finely ingrained into our organizational fabric. Employees are provided with an open, informal and fun based working environment which helps in bringing the best out of them.  With the objective of creating a high performance environment, employees are provided with the opportunity to question and challenge anything with a constructive intent as well as the freedom to fail. Our industry-best ‘Intrapreneurship’ schemes, policies and programs help promote our focus on innovation and technology leadership.”

Congratulating Mahindra Comviva on its feat Rich Tehrani, CEO and Group Editor-in-Chief for TMCnet said, “The mission of these Tech Culture Awards is quite simple. We have surveyed and selected companies who are looking for the best and brightest tech talent and are willing to go the extra mile to provide what they believe is the ideal tech culture.”

“Mahindra Comviva has demonstrated to the editors of TMCnet that they are committed to growth through providing a truly distinct and upbeat environment and for that we applaud and recognise them,” added Tehrani.

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