Pre-Budget Expectations by Mr. Shravan Charya, Founder & Group CEO, Lets Corp India Pvt Ltd

The Indian Economy now needs budgetary anchors to translate “Make in India” and “Skill India” Vision to a more tangible regulatory liberalization regime across tax and non-tax subjects. The Start-up focus can be enriched by de-clamping the “License Raj” regime on an accelerated manner. Special Skilling subsidies can be established with administrative mechanisms weaved into the Private Sector, as opposed to the current official channels and agencies of the Government which will scale-up the entire process. Revolutionize polytechnics by privatizing them – the only way we can realize “Make in India” is by Skilling India at a break-neck speed while demystifying all regulatory and tax clamps. Usher in new age enterprises such as career eco-systems to connect supply and demand on a real-time technology led platform such as LetsCareerUp. News Service

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