Pre-Budget Expectations by Debjani Ghosh, Vice President, Sales and Marketing Group and Managing Director for South Asia at Intel

This year’s budget needs to walk the talk and show real execution towards the government’s intent of making it “easier to do business in India” as well as towards “developing India as an innovation hub” for India and the world. Towards fulfilling the Digital India vision, we also expect that this year’s budget will address anomalies like differential duty structure for PCs as provided to other compute devices.

We also hope that the budget relooks at procurement norms to focus on  quality & cost based procurement and brings in a single independent authority to ease Digital India implementation. There is a dire need for a strong and well-structured innovation agenda/policy for Digital India and Make in India to be a reality. We hope that this budget incentivizes organizations who’ve already set up innovation labs, R&D hubs (including captive R&D) and manufacturing facilities to ‘Innovate for or in India’ while continuing to foster the start-up ecosystem. News Service

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