PayUMoney introduces ‘Pay with PayUMoney button’ to enable faster payment collection

New Delhi, November 19, 2014: PayUMoney, an online payment solution by PayU India has introduced ‘Pay with PayUMoney button’ to let online shoppers complete purchases with a couple of clicks. This feature will let e-tailers embed a button within their websites and blogs so that users can make payments without having to navigate away.

Nitin Gupta, Co-founder & CEO, PayU India, says, “PayUMoney button securely speeds up online checkout for both sellers and buyers. It enables websites and blogs to start collecting online payments in just one day with no set-up fees involved. ‘Pay with PayUMoney button’ offer seamless experience to users on both internet and mobile.”

More than 2188 merchants have already created the button for collecting payments. PayUMoney button’s look and design can be customized as per website’s design to collect customer’s details. Its responsive design enables the same button to work for both Web and Mobile in most effective way.

Here is how you can add PayUMoney button in 3 easy steps:

 Step1: Login to PayUMoney and in the merchant dashboard go to PayUMoney tools.  Click on PayUMoney button and inside that click on ‘create new button’


 Step 2: Specify the amount and customize the look and feel of the button. You can also add any custom field to collect more information about the customer.


Step 3: Embed the button by copying the code into your website and start collecting payments.


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