Overview of the New Xbox One X

We first got a glimpse of the Xbox One X at E3 2017, where Microsoft unveiled what they termed the “The most powerful console” to date. Since then, we have been able to learn more about what the Xbox One X has to offer. Far more powerful than its predecessor, the Xbox One X comes with an Ultra HD 4K Blue-ray player and the ability to play games in native 4K with the aid of supercharged hardware.

Under the hood, the Xbox One X features a GPU engine running at 1172MHz. It also comes with a whopping 6 teraflops of computing power, coupled with 12GB of GDDR5 Ram. All of this is put together to for the Xbox to play games at 4K at 60 FPS. Despite its massive hardware upgrade and the installation of a liquid cooling system, the new Xbox One X is the smallest Xbox ever released.

The downside of the massive upgrade is the price. At around $590, the new console is almost double what you would pay for the Xbox One S. While it does offer up the ability to play Xbox One S games, it will have to have some pretty neat selling features to convince buyers to double their budget. That being said, Microsoft is quite confident about the specs and the consoles abilities. Putting it into perspective, if this was a PC, the price would be an absolute steal.

Serious Power Under the Hood

When it comes down to it, the Xbox One X smashes the competition in terms of raw power. Sony’s PS4 Pro for example, comes with just four teraflops of power; meaning that the Xbox One X is at least 50% more powerful. The smaller chassis is also a win for Microsoft. Not that the size difference is that noticeable. It’s just nice to know that you can simply slide out your old console and slide in the new one without having to think about making more space.

The only gripe we can foresee is the colour. The Space Grey colour looks good on certain smartphones but it sticks out on a console. Not being black enough to blend in with other devices, the Xbox One X seems a little lost on the shelf and not bold enough to make a statement of its own like the brilliant white of the Xbox One S.

HDR and Dolby Atmos Support

The advantage of the 4K resolution means that you get incredible detail with even the smallest and most distant objects coming through in sharp focus. This would make playing anything, from the online slots Canada has to offer to Need for Speed a real treat. Having 4K also means the console can utilise the HDR function on the newest generation of TVs. HDR or High Dynamic Range basically increases the brightness and the darkness of the televisions display. Essentially, this increases the contrast making brighter areas really sparkle while darker areas are given enhanced detail.

Microsoft have also chosen to boost the audio in the Xbox One X with the inclusion of Dolby Atmos support. This is the latest audio format which has the sound coming at you from above, below behind you and in front of you at the same time. This may sound a bit excessive until you hear the sound of a jet or helicopter flying over your head.


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