OnMobile wins “HR Best Practice” award at HR Showcase 2015

Bangalore, India, September 16, 2015: OnMobile Global Limited has announce that it has won the prestigious HR Best Practice award for its “Developing capability from within – OnMobile Learning Academy” initiative, at the HR Showcase 2015 organized by National Human Resource Development Network, Bangalore.

The Human Resources team at OnMobile works on a mission “To make motivated talent available for the organization”. In order to fulfill this mission, the company launched a unique initiative called OnMobile Learning Academy (OLA), which addresses the need for organizational productivity as well as people’s professional development and employability. OLA has created an internal network of employees who play the crucial role of trainers and mentors. These internal trainers facilitate and provide highly tailored training to ensure increase in employee productivity, as well to increase their future employability and growth potential.

The salient feature of OLA is that it synergizes the growth ambitions of the organization and an individual employee. Adoption of this new approach has already started paying dividends for OnMobile.  Over the last year employee productivity as defined by ratio of revenue to manpower cost, has gone up by 20%, along with a 16% increase in employee satisfaction scores.

Winning the prestigious HR Best Practice award for OnMobile Learning Academy is further testimony that this new approach of coupling the growth of the company with the growth of employees is a more rewarding and effective way.

The HR Showcase is a signature event of the National Human Resource Development Network.  The 2015 HR Showcase event had 160 nominations out of which 33 practices of 23 companies got shortlisted in the first round and 6 practices were selected for the award in the final round. Criteria for the award were strength of business drivers & rationale, quality of the conceptual framework, practice creativity, rigor of implementation, strength of the business impact and quality of the application and presentation.

Rajiv Pancholy, Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director at OnMobile said, “I am delighted that we have won the HR Best Practice Award for OnMobile Learning Academy. Our endeavor has been to lead the company through a journey of cultural transformation while focusing on capability building and productivity enhancement. This award bears testimony to the progress we have made in this direction. We will continue to invest in our employees and build their capabilities while we pursue plans to grow OnMobile”.

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