NIIT Technologies appraised at People CMM Level 5

NIIT-Technologies-logoNew Delhi, India, January 09, 2015: NIIT Technologies Ltd., a leading global IT solutions organization today announced that it has been successfully appraised at People Capability Maturity Model(PCMM)Maturity Level 5 again.The appraisal was performed by KPMG IndiaDeveloped by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, USA, PCMM is a maturity framework that focuses on continuously improving the management and development of the human assets of an organization.

The evaluation for all locations in India was based on a thorough analysis of the organization’s people practices which has been more stringent with enhanced focus on the quantitative aspects of HR.

Commenting on the achievement, Rosita Rabindra, Chief People Officer at NIIT Technologies, said, “Reassessment at the highest level of maturity acknowledges the continuous improvement of our people practices.In 2013 we initiated a culture change drive to uplift service levels and manage changing expectations of our customers.The change impact has been demonstrated and validated through this intensive assessment.” 

The People CMM consists of five maturity levels that establish successive foundations for continuously improving individual competencies, developing effective teams, motivating improved performance and shaping the workforce an organization needs to accomplish its business plans. The highest maturity level in the model is Level 5 and is called the Optimizing Level. An organization operating at Maturity Level 5 demonstrates its capability to adapt to changes in the business environment with continuously improving practices and establishes a culture of excellence.

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