Newest Teradata Data Warehouse Appliance is a Powerhouse for the Most Demanding Analytics

AMSTERDAM and SAN DIEGO, April 22, 2015:  To help customers tackle the toughest analytic jobs, Teradata, the big data analytics and marketing applications company, has introduced the new Teradata Data Warehouse Appliance 2800. Optimized for fast in-memory processing, the appliance enables organizations to double their data capacity, while also doubling their analytic power in a single cabinet to help customers unlock and operationalize business insights.

“Delivered ready to run, the Teradata Data Warehouse Appliance is a high performance analytic engine in an extremely efficient and cost-effective footprint,” said Hermann Wimmer, co-president, Teradata, and head of Teradata’s Data and Analytics Division. “The Appliance enables data-driven organizations to quickly react to changing business conditions.”

The Teradata Data Warehouse Appliance is a cost effective, flexible analytic platform that can be used as a data warehouse, data mart, disaster recovery system, or as an analytical sandbox for testing and development. The Appliance is a complete, integrated, turnkey solution and includes hardware, the Teradata Database®, managed servers, and optional back-up technology, all in a single cabinet.

Take a 3-D tour of the Teradata Data Warehouse Appliance 2800.

The Teradata Data Warehouse Appliance 2800 delivers faster in-memory processing and increased query throughput by taking advantage of  Intel Haswell technology, and the latest DDR4 memory components for quicker access to data stored in-memory. In addition, key engineering advancements in the Teradata Database take advantage of Intel’s vector instructions and on-board cache to improve performance.

The Appliance is data center-efficient with ultra-dense storage from Dot Hill and more compact processing nodes from Intel that enable more than two-times the compute power and up to four-times more data capacity in a single cabinet than the previous version. It enables ultimate configurability by allowing customers to choose from multiple drive size options. In addition, customers can install an optional second production system, test and development capability, or backup and restore storage hardware within the same cabinet.

“Teradata challenged Dot Hill to design an array that would dramatically increase the storage density of the Teradata Warehouse Appliance 2800, while delivering more performance and greater power efficiency,” said Dana Kammersgard, president and chief executive officer, Dot Hill Systems Corp. “Working closely with Teradata, we established the product requirements and developed the unique Ultra48™ AssuredSAN array that is embedded in the product Teradata is announcing today. This effort not only showcases the strategic nature of our partnership, but also the level of engagement we take on with our largest customers to deliver storage solutions that precisely meet their needs.”

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