New OLX TVCs depict an abundance of buyers on OLX through humorous real life scenarios

OLX-LogoNew Delhi, India, January 08, 2015: The reasons to buy used goods are countless – some practical, some unimaginable, some quirky, and many deeply entrenched in our daily lives. These buyers are flocking to OLX, persistently looking for products, and waiting for sellers to upload Ads for them. This and more is revealed by the two latest Ads released today by OLX, India’s number one marketplace for used goods. Borrowing humorous snippets from everyday life scenarios, the two new OLX Ads, #SushilBachcha and #PatiParmeshwarNOT give persuasive yet intriguing reasons to people for selling more actively, highlighting that there are a plethora of buyers out there for everything. The TVCs end with a closing line that says, “Aise bahot se log intezar kar rahe hain aapki cheezon ka…Ab toh OLX pe Bech De”.

Amarjit Singh Batra, CEO of OLX India, Said , “OLX has seen a substantial surge in online buying and selling of used goods between individuals. Our users have been excited about being able to sell their items in a day, sometimes even minutes. This has proved to us that there is tremendous liquidity on our platform with buyers for all kinds of regular as well as unique items browsing OLX. But on the other hand we also found through our research on the used goods market – Consumer Research on Used Goods and Selling Trends (CRUST) – that Indians have a habit of stocking goods they are not using. We combined these two insights to come up with this campaign, and reinstate that it’s preferable to sell an item than to stock it because there is always a buyer for your item on OLX.  To communicate our message, we chose scenarios that are a part of every family, and hence easily relatable.”

The new Ads depict buyers urging sellers to post their items on OLX, emphasizing their own urgent need for specific used products. This campaign comes on the back of the highly successful and appreciated OLX TVCs that had comedian Kapil Sharma play products talking to their owners, pushing them to sell what is not of use to them.

“OLX has built the market for consumer-to-consumer (C2C) classifieds in India, and it continues to expand the market for it every day by bringing people together for win-win exchanges. We are among the top 10 Apps on Google Play Store India, and the only classifieds player to be among the top 10 searched terms in India for 2013 and 2014 consecutively according to Google Zeitgeist. We have emerged as the undisputed market leaders in India possessing 80% market share of the C2C classifieds trade in the country,” added Amarjit Batra.

Conceived by Lowe Lintas, the campaign depicts light-hearted scenarios of potential buyers urging the audience to sell their unwanted and unused goods. The #PatiParmeshwarNot depicts the story of a distressed wife who is unable to get proper sleep due her husband’s loud snoring. The wife requests the viewers to post Ads for a big second-hand sofa, which she can place in the living room and shift her husband there at night. #SushilBachcha tells the story of the parents of an inquisitive kid named Sushil, who often uses home appliances for his ‘learning experiments’, in turn breaking or destroying them. Sushil’s parents request users to upload things like laptops, vacuum cleaners, DVD players, washing machines, and aquariums as they always have a need for these products to replace the broken stuff in their home.

Shayondeep Pal, Group Creative Director, and Lowe Lintas, Said , “People have been selling on OLX. But what about people who are buying? They have specific needs and they are looking desperately. Those are the people we portrayed in the campaign. The sense of urgency adds to the humour. The idea was to make it as real as possible and visually approach it with an observant camera. Overall, make it look as if we are peeping into their lives, their stories.”

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