New iPhone Leak Suggests Surprising Technology

The New iPhone leak suggests surprising technology in the iPhone. Apple is renowned for its technology innovations. In fact it made its name through cutting age technology. The mega corporation has always been pushing technological developments. It is this commitment to technology that has made them an industry leader. Latest leaks suggest that once again they are setting a very high bar to pass. Continue to read as we take a look at what is on the rumor mill concerning the iPhone. Taking a glance into the future of one of the best phones of this age.

Japan Display, Apple Corporation’s supplier of displays for iPhones has unveiled a new flexible touch screen. You may already know that Samsung already has curved screens on the Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy Edge designs. What is remarkable about the designs from Japan Display is that the screen uses LCD. This is in line with Apple’s push to continue LCD in its iPhones. Not only iPhone that is developing technology wise but also online gaming industry, did you know that now you can play your favourite online casino games on you cell phone anytime and anywhere and play more advanced games anytime.

This technology gives Apple an edge over Samsung who used to be their screens supplier. Besides the resulting supply side competition which will be great for Apple’s financials it also means apple are no longer dependant on a competitor for components. Therefore they can lead the way in terms of using latest tech instead of waiting on technology hand-me-downs form Samsung. Unfortunately the screens from Japan Display will not make it to the iPhone 8. The iPhone 8 will use OLED technology

Firms like Apple make us enthusiastic to be part of the future. The past ten years have seen incredible advancements in technology. Things that were part of futuristic movies from the 80’s and 90’s are now a reality. Simple things that we now take for granted like video calling and real money online gambling, did you know that you can play for real money at online casino us. And with each day more of that fantasy keeps on becoming a reality. Future days seem to be filled with tech that would leave even the most tech savvy individuals mind boggled.

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