Just how easy is it to create an app in 2020?

On the surface, the idea of making an app sounds slightly terrifying. If you don’t consider yourself to be tech-savvy, you probably try to avoid anything more complex than downloading apps onto your phone – let alone making one yourself. 

But is making an app in 2020 really as hard as it seems? And what about if you want to take shortcuts to save your time, effort and money? Just how possible is that to do? We’ve got it all covered in this post. 

No Two Apps Are The Same

Some apps are incredibly complex; there’s no getting around it. To produce one of these apps, you’d need a whole lot of skill, time, and experience in coding. But that’s not to say that all apps are like that. Some of the most basic apps, which have all the functions you could ever need, are also the simplest to produce. 

Defining Your Goal

If you want to make your own app, you need to first define your goal. It’s your goal that will determine how difficult it’ll be to make your app. 

Luckily, the planning stages are easiest for any app. You just need to get your creative brain in gear, and brainstorm and mind-map for all it’s worth. Drawing diagrams, making detailed notes, and questioning the process as you go will help you to come up with the most well-rounded product. 

After planning, you can then go one way or another – and this will be the deciding factor for how hard the actual app-making process will be. 

One option is to make your app from scratch. This means you’ll need to do everything from assessing your app’s technical feasibility to prototyping, design and development, coding, testing, refining, retesting if needed, and finally, making it live. This process isn’t for the tech rookie – you’ll need to really know your stuff, or at least work with someone who does. 

The other option, which, unsurprisingly, is much more popular amongst the majority, is to make your own app using a drag and drop app building website. This option allows you to simply produce an app without having to learn coding, test your product, or even cover any of the major design aspects yourself. You’re already given the tools and the features you need to produce something that’s perfect for your business, and any of the technical stuff is handled by the experts. 

There are a whole host of customizable apps ready to be built for a range of small businesses. For example, if you want to encourage customer loyalty and reduce paper waste, you can produce a loyalty card app for business

Usually, app building sites will provide you with a range of templates you can choose from, which you can then customize with the right colors, images and logos to suit your business. You can make the app your own by adding the features that your customers would really benefit from, and the process takes a matter of hours. If you’re looking for an easy way to make an app in 2020, it doesn’t get much simpler than that. 

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