Intellipaat launches industry first ‘Data Science’ course for professionals

Intellipaat-LogoBengaluru, India, January 12, 2015: Intellipaat a market leader in e-learning and online training courses announced its latest addition to its wide bouquet of online learning modules. The launch of the in demand Data Science course marks the onset of a new breed of companies in ecommerce and e-tailing the world over. Professionals armed with data science certification and expertise in machine learning algorithms are rare in today’s world and are hence in demand among new age companies such as Amazon , Flipkart, Snapdeal and Social media companies like Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and Google.

Data science is an emerging domain wherein users are taught to recognize patterns and to make sense of complex data that is being generated on a daily basis by companies and individuals. All corporates be it retail, banking or Insurancedomains for instance churn out huge amounts of data on a daily basis regarding their sales, customer information, transactions, market intelligence, etc. This expanding data is in turn maintained or stored in various formats due to govt. regulations or for their own use. This can be leveraged to meaningful purposewith the help of Data Science by pattern identification and data analysis to help them improve their sales and enrich their customer experience in turn. 

Diwakar Chittora, CEO & Technical Director of Intellipaat, said, “Ourelearning course methodology is built on a simple principle – “Practice makes the man perfect” and we make sure that all our courses have sufficient practical exercises ,assignment work and project work built in to build proficiency in that specific technology. This ensures that the learner develops complete mastery in that area enabling him to take on any project hands on in the real world.The complete course curriculum is developed by industry experts in an effort to provide the right balance of practical and theoretical exposure.”

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