Infosys Inducted Into the ‘Winner’s Circle’ in HfS Engineering Services Blueprint Report 2015

Bangalore, India, July 8, 2015: Infosys has been inducted into the ‘Winner’s Circle’ in the inaugural Engineering Services Blueprint report by leading analyst firm HfS Research. Companies that demonstrate excellence in execution and innovation are placed in the ‘Winner’s Circle’ by HfS.

The report commended Infosys for exhibiting a high level of strategic vision, innovation-led thinking, and strong client relationships. Infosys has been listed among the leaders in key verticals, including automotive, aerospace and defense, telecom and hi-tech as well as in medical devices and industrial equipment. 


  • HfS commends Infosys for its depth of client experiences and capabilities across engineering services in all verticals
  • The report refers to over 80 Infosys case studies and customer references, which rate the company highly on agility and delivery
  • It references Infosys’ articulation of a powerful vision for technology-led innovation at the intersection of physical and digital worlds, with its engineering services right at the center of it. Expertise in composites, artificial intelligence and neural networks was highlighted
  • Knowledge-based engineering (KBE), the process of capturing knowledge created in the product development process, is reported as an Infosys strength 

Sudip Singh, Vice President and Global Head, Engineering Services, Infosys, said, “Being inducted into the ‘Winner’s Circle’ underlines our tremendous focus on engineering services.  The nature of our work demands that we combine incredible engineering skills with insight to help our clients find and solve their daunting business challenges. We then co-create solutions with them at the intersection of the physical and the digital worlds.”

Pareekh Jain, Research Director, HfS Research, said, “Using the Engineering Services Blueprint, HfS rigorously evaluated leading service providers on their engineering capabilities. Infosys is a new leader in the making, thanks to innovation and an automation push from its leadership.”

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