Identifying the Loops: Transforming the Tech Industry

Identifying the Loops: Transforming the Tech Industry 1

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Nowadays, more businesses are using technology than ever before. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find a company that doesn’t use technology in some capacity, whether simple or complex. Of course, some use it more than others, but there is no doubting the impact that technological advances have had on businesses all over the world, in a variety of different industries.

While tech companies will use everything under the sun, even a traditional mom and pop shop will likely use some form of technology that they have adopted in recent years to improve their operations.  In addition to simply using technology, many companies use it religiously and their business would struggle without it. For example, using mobile apps can save small businesses and their employees hundreds of millions of work hours every single year.

The Importance of Apps for Businesses and the Impact of Errors

Identifying the Loops: Transforming the Tech Industry 2

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Applications of all different shapes and sizes can help businesses run more seamless and efficient than ever before. There are thousands of apps which have made everything from scheduling, to invoicing, to project management and so much more. Also, with the market being relatively saturated in recent years, most companies will be able to use these applications for a very affordable price.

While some individuals and companies use apps that others create, many companies will actually create their own web or mobile applications. Some of these applications are used by employees to make work more efficient or streamlined, while some might be used by the public or their customers. Whichever type of app your company creates, it is important to make sure they work as expected. If not, your (potentially large) investment could all be for nothing.

That is why it’s important to make sure you spend enough time, and have the right people working on it, to ensure your app is a success. Unfortunately, while your web or mobile application may work without a hitch, that is not always going to be the case. At one time or another, most apps will encounter errors or crashes that stop you (or your customers) from using them. Even if you put a million hours into your app with the smartest people you could find working on it, it isn’t immune to errors or crashing.

There can be a number of reasons why the app may experience an error or crash, including poor testing, errors in the code, poor management, too much traffic, connection issues and more. Unfortunately, if an error is bad enough it could lead to a significant amount of downtime, which can cost companies a ton of money, for even a short amount of downtime. As a result, it is important to try and get to the error before it ever reaches the front-end and becomes public.

Modern Methods for Tracking and Fixing Errors

So now that you know how bad errors and app crashes can be, how can you fix and find these errors and reasons for crashing before they destroy your app or business? In the past, doing this was not always easy and involved a lot of hard work and time trying to search for the error, manually. As you could imagine, this wasted a ton of time and could get extremely stressful if you were unable to find the error or discover why it occurred.

Thankfully, innovations and advancements in technology have allowed new and more effective/efficient methods to find and fix errors. One of the best ways to track app errors is to monitor your infrastructure automatically, through the use of a tool or piece of software.

Infrastructure monitoring gives you a birds-eye view of your hosts and servers, and gives you updates in real time about the performance of your application. If an error occurs, you can be sure these infrastructure monitoring tools will detect them early so you can quickly and easily make the necessary changes.

In addition to making it simpler and much more efficient to sniff out and fix errors before they become catastrophes, infrastructure monitoring can also help optimize your servers, easily see a wide range of data and analytics and so much more.

The Impact of These Modern Methods

Identifying the Loops: Transforming the Tech Industry 3

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As you could imagine, these new methods of finding errors have transformed the way that companies operate and go about their business. Businesses are being changed and restructured to be able to automatically monitor performance, and doing so manually is becoming outdated and counter-productive.

These sorts of new and modern methods are saving companies and individuals a ton of time, and are also capable of troubleshooting any potential bugs that may occur within the system. Incorporating smart error deciphering is also helping DevOps to develop and build their apps in a more effective and efficient manner.

In the future, we will only see these types of monitoring technologies and tools become even better and more useful for businesses. While errors, crashes and other issues with applications will always occurs, teams and tools will continue to mature and get better at finding them and helping you fix them in record time. The tech industry is transforming in front of our very eyes, in rapid fashion, and it is exciting to see.

In conclusion, hopefully this article has been able to help you understand not only why your application might crash, but also how you can track down, find and fix the errors. As mentioned, the methods of finding errors has transformed and changed the way people run their businesses and has had a lasting impact on companies and the DevOps teams within them. If you want your business to run and perform as best as possible, error monitoring should be something you consider.

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