ICICI Prudential opts Dell SharePlex

Dell-India-logoBangalore, India, July 22, 2014: Dell, a leading end-to-end technology solutions provider, has announced that it has successfully deployed SharePlex, a premium high-performance data replication solution, for ICICI Prudential Asset Management Company Ltd (IPMAC), one of the largest asset management companies in the country. Dell’s SharePlex Solution has enabled near real-time data integration, ease of use and affordability, without compromising data integrity and accuracy.

IPMAC’s mission-critical and secure data is hosted by an outsourced data center provider, CAMS (Computers Age Management Services), using its home grown application on an Oracle database, hosted centrally at CAMS data center. ICICI Prudential required a zero impact way to replicate this data, in order to enhance customer service,and effectively run data analytics/business intelligence applications.

Using Dell’s SharePlex Solution,ICICI Prudential was successful in creating an online, automated, easy-to-use, andnear real-time way of data replication from CAMS to ICICI Prudential.This deployment further helped ICICI in setting-up multiple downstream applications, to offer improved servicesto their customers and run data analytics and business intelligence smoothly on the replicated data.

Apart from near real-time data integration, SharePlex boasts of a wide repertoire of competitive advantages to its users, including a high level of data accuracy and integrity, flexible datatype support, and unparalleled affordability. SharePlex supports mixed environments with differing source and target operating systems, database editions, and database versions, including Oracle 10g, 11g, and 12c, clustered environments, and ASM, RAC, and Exadata X2, X3. 

“SharePlex is an extremely easy solution to install, configure and replicate,giving us access to everything that we need for data replication, without any add-ons or management packs. It has been an incredible asset for us as it allowed us to replicate multiple copies of data on premises, remotely. We werealso able to optimize the usage of business intelligence applications,further helping us in taking business decisions that were morestrategic than ever before”, says Lalit Popli,  Head – Information Technology, ICICI Prudential Asset Management Company Limited.

General Manager of Dell Software Murli Mohan said, “Mutual funds is a dynamic business vertical, making it imperative for ICICI Prudential to be ahead of the curve. They required the right expertise to analyse data in real-time, helping them make faster and better-informed decisions, something that is quite critical for the success of their business. With Dell’s SharePlex solution, ICICI has access to a real-time copy of the secure data without losing any of it. Dell is focused on business outcomes and our ability to constantly engage, understand and respond to customer needs gives us a huge competitive advantage in the market. We look forward to supporting ICICI Prudential and other customers, helping them in running their business smoothly.”

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