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New Delhi, India, June 22, 2015: Mphasis, a leading IT services provider, today announced the launch of Mphasis Next Labs’ maiden solution ‘HyperGraf’- an Omni-channel Digital 360 solution. HyperGraf provides the most comprehensive, accurate, real-time and actionable customer engagement insights across millions of data points spread over multiple customer engagement channels enabling real-time decision making.

Mphasis Next Labs is a strategic initiative by Mphasis to research and innovate on emergent and future paradigms centered around customer co-creation. It focuses on effectively leveraging innovations in business & technology to drive creative disruptions in short bursts with low gestation and Go-to-Market time. It is an interdisciplinary group that explores application of fundamental principles, models and theories from mathematics, statistics, industrial engineering, operations research, psychology, economics and computer science to drive innovation and deliver business value.

HyperGraf is an Omni-channel Digital 360° solution that transforms enterprise decision making by providing the most comprehensive, accurate, real-time and actionable Customer Engagement Insights across millions of data points spread over multiple customer engagement channels. HyperGraf is a Big Data Complex Event Processing engine which enables enterprises to innovate and make strategic decisions by analyzing content, collaboration and commerce networks. It generates actionable insights by correlating slivers of multi-structured customer data from diverse interaction channels and builds a single view of the customer with recommendations specific to the channels of interaction. The underlying analytics behind HyperGraf is based on Social Network Analysis, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Streaming data analytics, Multi-structured data analytics, Natural language processing, Discourse analysis, Pattern recognition and Bayesian inference.

“HyperGraf is the very first solution developed at Mphasis Next Labs. HyperGraf generates actionable insights by bridging the gap between enterprise data and external and third party data such as social media, credit scores, open data and other multi-media datasets. HyperGraf is cloud based, incorporates in-depth domain expertise, is flexible, customizable and requires no upfront investments. HyperGraf removes ‘gut-feel’ in enterprise decision making and facilitates Innovation driven Integrated Digital Customer Insights, Identifies comprehensive, accurate, real-time & actionable customer leads from diverse channels and facilitates the creation of engaging experiences across multiple customer touch points through higher relevance, convenience and responsiveness”, said Jai Ganesh, Vice President & Head at Mphasis Next Labs.

“Mphasis Next Labs brings together a multi-disciplinary team of experts in Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Operations Research, Behavioral Sciences and Business to research, ideate, innovate and co-create IP with our customers. The team creates solutions and service offerings in emerging technologies like Digital and IoT for our customers in Mphasis’ areas of focus”, said Gopinathan Padmanabhan, President – Global Delivery and HP Channel Sales.

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