How To Stay Safe When Gambling Online

Staying safe when gambling online is very important. Even though gambling in an online casino can prove to be fun and profitable, you need to be careful. Certainly, you cannot win every time, but that is different from being scammed or being a victim of identity theft. How can you make certain that you are safe when gambling online?

Even though you can not be 100% safe, you can apply steps and tips to ensure you are staying safe when gambling online.

  1. Ensure you play in a licensed casino

It is easy to check if the casino site you are playing on is licensed. Before you sign up and create your account, it is advised that you carry out important research to determine if the online casino you have chosen possesses a valid license like MGA or Curacao. You can also locate a list of licensed online casinos on the internet to choose any. Do you want to know why the license is important? Online casinos that are licensed have to obey a set of rules and regulations, which includes guaranteeing their players’ privacy and safety. If they break any of the laws and regulations, their license can be seized or revoked.

  1. Encrypted passwords

When creating your account in an online casino, you will have to select a password that you will use to access your account whenever you want to sign in. Your password must be encrypted by the online casino system and saved in a safe and closed database. In the past, online casinos stored passwords in their raw form, making it easy for hackers to access. Presently, the casino industry has developed greatly, so most casinos do not make the mistake of storing passwords in their raw form.

  1. Choose a Trusted Channel of Payment

Even though the online casino you are using is reliable and can be trusted, you need to choose a payment method that is safe and secure. You should choose popular brands, for example, MasterCard or Visa. If you don’t want to make payments using your credit card to not leave the number, you can make payments through an e-wallet platform, for example, PayPal or Skrill. Your means of payment is also important in staying safe when gambling online.

  1. Many Protective Layers

If your online casino doesn’t require more than your username and password during a financial transaction process, there is every chance that it is not a safe and secure platform. Secure and trusted online casinos will require you to prove your identity using one means or the other and ask you to verify if you are the account’s true owner. This helps them determine who scammers are, so it is very normal for your online casino to ask for a copy of your ID, such as a passport, an identity card, or a driver’s license. To ensure that you have given your real address, some online casinos will ask you to send a duplicate of your current utility bill.

  1. Read the terms and conditions

Before you play a game or sign up for a bonus, ensure you read the terms and conditions to the end. It may not be fun or interesting, but you need to know all the important details to make a good decision. The smallest terms and conditions can put a gambler at risk. So, read all the terms and conditions in order no to encounter any surprises.

  1. Use the free trial period

Some online casinos offer new players free trial periods. Since you are playing for free, you won’t be able to withdraw any winnings. However, you can benefit from this free trial period to get used to the system, games and conclude if you want to deposit real money.


When playing in an online casino, you must maintain focus all the time, don’t get tempted or deceived by offers that sounds too good to be real. You should also have in mind that gambling is supposed to be fun, so if it creates more anxiety than excitement for you, you should take a break.

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