How to Make Your Website More Visible in 2022

Many businesses set up a website at the beginning of their journey, only to find that, even months later, they’re attracting traffic in the mere double figures. They could be offering the next best gadget or the cheapest products on the market, but too few visitors are actually finding their website and choosing to make a purchase. As such, it’s visibility that’s key to success for your online store. In this short guide, we’ll look at how you can make your website as visible as possible, no matter your budget.


There’s no doubt that SEO is the key strategy that’ll deliver you more visibility. The vast majority of people will use search engines such as Google to find the products and the websites that they’re looking for. They key in a few words, hit return, and click on one of the first websites that’s shown to them. If your website is not among them, despite the words being highly relevant to your brand and your business, you’ll lose out on a huge amount of relevant traffic.

SEO is how you’ll make your website more visible when web users are searching for a business just like yours. You should always approach SEO as part of a holistic marketing effort, which means it’s often best performed by an integrated marketing services company. But if you’re keen to go it alone, it’s worth learning about keywords and the web design tips that’ll help you get ranked higher by Google’s algorithm.


Meanwhile, you should also consider using targeted advertisements to further increase your visibility. These adverts are simple: you pay to place adverts in front of the kind of people that you know will be interested in your website. You’ll do that via the profiling data of the biggest targeted advert providers on the internet. Before you go to them, you should have a good idea of why it is that you want to target.

There’s another form of targeted advert that can deliver you the precise visitors you want: those that are most keen to shop with you. It’s called PPC advertising (pay per click). This is the most cost-effective way to boost your visibility via targeted adverts, as you’ll only pay for the advertisement if it’s clicked on by consumers.

Social Media 

To increase your visibility further, it’s well worth having a page on all of the main social media platforms. They’re quick and free to set up, and they provide you with another place to share your products, describe your store, and ultimately link through to your website.

You might not gather hundreds of thousands of followers on social media, but even a few extra clicks through to your website could help you generate more and more visibility. Even without the clicks, simply having some active social media accounts will increase your visibility and the impression in the minds of consumers that you’re an active, trustworthy company.

There you have it: three simple ways to increase your website’s visibility in 2022 and beyond.

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