How to Land an E-Commerce Job

E-commerce is one of the fastest-growing career sectors of the decade. Over the next twenty years or so, the advance of the e-commerce job niche looks to continue to be rapid. That’s because so many are now shopping online and even making the majority of their purchases via computers, mobile phones, and tablets. The world is changing, and it’s changing fast for job seekers who want to be a part of this massive market. What’s the best way to get in on the action? What are the best jobs in the industry? What should you be doing right now to get yourself ready for one of the many jobs popping up all over the world in this particular field? If you want a career in electronic commerce, here are a few items that should be on your agenda.

Decide on the Kind of Job That Interests You

While there are dozens of great jobs within this lucrative field, five of the top choices for those new to the industry tend to be for web development, content creation, photography, design, and market analyst. Depending on your particular skills and personal preferences, you should at least begin to think about specific jobs you’ll be aiming for once you’re qualified enough to get hired.

Consider Getting a College or Advanced Degree in the Field

A degree will open many doors for professionals in this career field. It’s still possible to get a good job without a degree, but you’ll need an impressive resume with plenty of relevant work experience in the niche to attract the attention of high-level employers. In fact, it’s becoming more common for top firms to only recruit at colleges and graduate schools because they know how rigorous curricula are and how well-trained new grads tend to be. Do yourself a favor and strive to obtain at least an undergraduate degree before pursuing a top position. Unless you can finance your education from savings, the smartest way to achieve your goal is to take out a student loan. With plenty of options to borrow, the huge advantage of student loans is that interest rates are competitive, repayment periods tend to be very reasonable, and monthly payments will typically fit into your budget once you begin working.

Get Some Experience

It’s essential to get some real-world experience in the field, along with formal education, before targeting a specific position like web design or photography, or content writing. Do whatever it takes to find entry-level positions in this fast-growing arena. Even an internship, if you’re a college student already, can be an ideal arrangement and will provide you with good ammunition for building a solid resume later on. Don’t worry so much about hourly wages. The thing to focus on is to find a position that is as close to your long-term career goal as possible. That way, when an interviewer someday asks you what kind of experience do you have, you’ll be able to give a solid, honest answer by pointing to a relevant job or internship you had in the e-commerce field.

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