How to Improve Your SEO to Ensure Your Ecommerce Business is Found

Organic traffic is the best kind of traffic, and you’ll want to be doing all you can to encourage enough of it to gain sales for your eCommerce business. However, getting those beneficial free clicks, visits and purchases can be tricky if you don’t have a good grasp on your Search Engine Optimisation strategy.

So, what should you be doing to maximise the likelihood of your business being found?

  • Encourage as Many Reviews as Possible to allow customers to act as your own personal salespeople. The great thing about having an eCommerce business is that you have a wealth of opportunity for customers to write and post visible reviews, therefore promoting your business for you. Google loves positive reviews, and enough of them could significantly help your rankings on the search engine.
  • Use Link Building to have new customers referred to your website or product by external, established sites. This could be a product review shown on an external website or comparison site, or a recommendation of your product from an authoritative source. You can find dependable link building services to better build your brand.
  • Use a Great Meta Description to encourage consumers to click on your site. With eCommerce, many consumers when searching Google to find what they are looking for are particularly swayed by a good meta description. This snippet could be the difference between a customer clicking on your link, or the one above it. Ensure that it’s descriptive and convincing.
  • Ensure All Content is Unique – and that means unique product descriptions. You don’t want to use a repetitive formula for all your products, even if they are similar. Google reacts favourably to unique content. You should take the time to not only check your personal site for duplicate content, but also to check that it doesn’t match the product descriptions used by competitors.
  • Prioritise Loading Speed when honing your eCommerce website. If there’s one thing that can easily put off consumers when they are trying to shop, it’s a slow website which won’t load products properly or crashes when they are trying to purchase something. As the majority of online shopping these days is performed on mobile phones, it’s imperative that you optimise your mobile loading speed.
  • Set a Preferred URL for search engines to avoid Google attempting to trawl through long and arduous URLs which are commonplace with eCommerce websites. If Google has to do this, it can have an impact on your page ranking. Canonical URLs are especially important for those eCommerce websites which have hundreds of products.
  • Create Local Pages and embrace local SEO if your business has a physical store as well as an eCommerce website. This means local results can appear to those consumers in the same geographical location as your store when they come to search for a specific product on Google. It also means your consumers will be presented with your business information, including your address and opening hours.

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