How Technology Will Affect the Future of Customer Service

Technology is dramatically changing the way we live, but when it comes to the world of business, it’s taking huge strides year on year. One of the sectors that have made huge improvements in the last few years is customer service due to the developments in the tech world. As a result, staff members will be able to carry out their jobs much more proficiently and may even change the shape of their job altogether.

Here are a number of ways technology is making huge enhancements in the world of customer service that you may not be aware of:

Face-to-face video communication

When it comes to making connections with customers, being physically present is no longer of huge importance. Instead, face-to-face video communication is becoming the norm through the act of ‘video voice-mailing.’ As a result, staff members can arrange to chat with their customers as and when suits, as well as getting the chance to build on relationships.

When you think carefully about video communication, it’s easy to see why it’s set to become a widely used tactic. Excellent customer service is all about making the customer feel at ease, and as consumers are able to see the member of staff they’re speaking to, body language, facial expressions, and eye contact can be conveyed to show compassion, in comparison to a far less personal verbal conversation by phone.

Real-time messaging

Emailing within the customer service sector has taken a step back in the last couple of years, as consumers are on the looking for a quicker and much more efficient approach. Instead, business owners have become curious about chatbots. Customers expect companies to always be in reach, which is why real-time message chats, otherwise known as ‘chatbots,’ have become prioritized over phone or email.

This tool is of huge benefit to companies, as they’re able to chat with their customers in real-time and solve problems as and when they arise. This is a dramatic improvement to the original snail mail and is even further advanced than sending an email. The bottom line of this new feature is that it’s all about making better connections with consumers to achieve a much more streamlined customer experience.

Social media will become a review platform

Many businesses are now jumping on the bandwagon when it comes to marketing their brand on social media and has been predicted by experts that 90% of businesses will be using social media as part of their customer care procedure by 2020.

Social media has become one of the main platforms where customer feedback is left. Customers now feel encouraged to share their opinions to praise or criticize brands on a public platform. While this may not always be beneficial for businesses, they need to be able to manage and make use of these spontaneous comments for their future development.


Self-service is well and truly about to take off in the next few years, as human responses aren’t always required to settle certain matters. This is the reason why many FAQ sections can now be easily accessed on websites, as well as finding automated responses to their questions. The benefit for customers is that they no longer have to wait to talk to a member of staff and can solve their own issues during out of office hours.

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