How Robotic Automation has Improved Various Industries

Robotic automation is a pretty large field that deals with so many different sectors such as space, medicine, manufacturing, automotive and accounting, among others. With each type of field comes a different kind of robot that has been specially built with the capabilities to work and complete tasks in the said sector.

This is why there are so many different diverse robots out there, and not just diverse in their outward appearance, but even with the way that they have been programmed and also the material that has been used to manufacture them. For example some robots are autonomous, some are rigid, some are flexible, while others have been embbeded with artficial intelligence, which allows them to carry out cognitive functions and mimmick human behavior.

On the other hand, there are robots such as the small industrial robot that carry out repetitive functions. Below are some of the industries that have been able to change for the better thanks to automation.

The food service industry

The food industry is obviously quite large considering everyone has to eat three times a day, so it comes as no surprise that robots have managed to find their way into the kitchen. Robots come in handy in kitchens because of a variety of reasons. For starters, they can work really fast without being in danger of getting cut or burnt. And because they work so fast, more people get served in a shorter amount of time, so the customers leave happy because they did not have to wait for so long.

In addition to all that, robots are able to make everything in uniformity, and this is really important especially for chain restaurants that have specialized in making the same type of food such as chicken or pizza. These types of food usually have to look as well as taste the same, regardless of where the restaurant is located. And what better way to do this than get a robot whose main skill is being able to complete repetitive tasks?

The medical field

The medical field has to be one of the biggest benefactors from robotic automation, as there are so many people who stand to win when robots are incorporated and lose when they are not incorporated. Thanks to robotics, both patients and doctors are able to benefit, because when the doctors are able to do their work better and with more skill and precision, the patients have better chances of feeling better.

A good example of a robot in the medical field is the surgical robot, which helps surgeons during complex operations. One of the biggest challenges that used to face surgeons is having to operate blindly and not being able to operate without putting the patient in fatal danger because of the veins and arteries that get in the way. Surgical robots however did away with this problem because they can be fitted with tiny cameras and they can also perform medical procedures without having to cut the patient open.

The field of automotives

The automotive industry is also a huge beneficiary of robotic automation. As a matter of fact, it was one of the first industries to have the services of a robot, and has been using robots in the manufacturing and assembly industries. According to analysts, without the assistance of robotic automation, this industry may not have been able to make a come back from the great recession.

Robots are able to do the work that cannot be done by humans either because it would be too dangerous or even impossible. These tasks include welding and the assembly of parts that are big and heavy. The use of robots in this industry helps in the reduction of waste, and it also produces faster and high-quality results.


Because of how diverse robots are, there are so many industries that have been impacted through automation and needless to say, they have become better at doing business and providing ther goods or services that they offer.

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