How Mobile Apps Are Revolutionising Online Gaming 

The advent of online gaming revolutionised the casino sector. Making it more accessible to the masses than it had ever been before, it transformed gambling from a covert activity that took place behind the closed doors of casinos to a form of entertainment that could be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home.

The numbers tell an interesting tale. According to a report by the Gambling Commission, 45 percent of people now gamble on a regular basis, with 18 percent of individuals doing so online. More pertinently still, 51 percent of these online gamers use a mobile phone or tablet to do so.

It’s this latter trend that’s of particular interest, for there are those who claim that like, internet gambling before it, the advent of mobile applications is bringing about an industry-wide revolution. But how exactly is it that they’re doing this?

A growing market 

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According to the statistics, mobile gaming sales in 2016 totalled roughly $40 billion. What this tells us is that there’s a real hunger for and interest in mobile gaming applications, with the industry now worth more than either the global tea or the global naval market.

This, of course, is good news for the casino and gaming sectors as a whole, because it means one thing: people want to play the content they’re putting out. The result is an ever-increasing supply of the primary product, which means more games, more offers, and more promotions for players to enjoy across the board.

Increased accessibility/flexibility 

A growing market means there is a wide array of titles available, but mobile apps also have other implications for their audience. Primarily, these help to make the casino sector more accessible than it’s ever been before, with players able to spin the wheel or roll the dice from anywhere in the world.

They’re not even reliant on a power source and router anymore, with 4G and smartphones meaning that it’s entirely possible to play on the go: sat by the pool on holiday, on the train during a long commute to work, or even in the office during your lunch hour.

As a result, the sector as a whole holds an increasing appeal to the consumer.

Plenty of variety

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If there is one thing that consumers desire from products, it’s variety. No matter the market or product type, we all want the luxury of choice, and mobile apps are helping to deliver this to online gamers too.

This is because internet sites and mobile applications tend to provide similar but not identical offerings. Providers like Paddy Power, for example, host a variety of popular slots, from Rainbow Riches, with its classic action and interactive bonuses, through to the television show-inspired Vikings.

However, this doesn’t mean these will necessarily be available on their mobile app. In fact, while many favourite slots do feature, consumers will find that what’s on offer on one platform will not perfectly mirror their options on the other. This means that even if they stick to their casino of choice, they always have the pick of something a little different should they desire it.

While mobile apps are revolutionising the online gaming industry, there are many who still prefer to use their desktop or laptop. With many options available, online gaming is certainly an industry that caters to the needs of its customers.

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