How Can Roulette be improved to Appeal to Modern Audiences?


Royal Caribbean Grandeur of the Seas cru” (Public Domain) by watts_photos

A lot of classic games have undergone major changes in the internet age in order to appeal to younger players. Games like slot machines are prime examples of this, and the digital, multi-reel, side-game-laden offerings of today are a million miles apart from the clunky, lever-operated machines from one hundred years ago. Roulette is one of the few games which has stayed relatively similar to how it was when it was first created all those years ago in 18th century France. The table game is still hugely popular but does it need to be improved in order to continue to attract players in the future?

The roulette wheel is an iconic casino offering, and it is also one of the most recognisable games in the world. It would be hard to imagine a casino without at least one, and it has appeared numerous times over the years in film. Roulette made the transition to the online world seamlessly and, while there are slightly different variants on offer, the general mechanics of the game have never really changed. The best innovation for roulette has been live streaming, as players are able to feel as though they are in the casino when they are actually playing from home. Winningroom live roulette provides players with a number of different choices of dealer, and also variants such as Automatic Roulette.

It could be argued, though, that roulette players of the future need more from the game in order to keep them engaged. This is why companies like Microgaming are working on ways to incorporate futuristic technology such as virtual reality. The developer, which is best known for its work in the iGaming industry, came up with VR Roulette three years ago, and it was an interesting concept. Players were able to enter a virtual room set in space with a roulette wheel operated by a robotic croupier. The game was well received when it was shown at ICE Totally Gaming 2016, and players were excited about its potential.

At the time of the presentation of the Microgaming offering, there was a lot of buzz around VR, which has since died away. But projections suggest that usage of the platform will become much more widespread by 2022 when the projected consumer market is $16 billion. By this point in time, games like VR Roulette could be extremely popular. The design of the game means that there are other possibilities in terms of settings as well, which could be one way to keep players interested. Another option could be to somehow combine the technology with live streaming software and make players feel as though they are actually playing in a real casino.

Developers are definitely seeking ways to keep roulette relevant as technology moves forward. The game has stayed true to its roots for many years but, as the online casino world evolves, roulette needs to change with it. The only way it will attract players of the future is if it adapts to their need for constant innovation and state of the art technology.

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