How Can People Be Convinced to Use New Technology?

New technology crops up all the time. Some of it is easily adopted – such as new apps, contactless cards, and digital-first banking – while others take time to grow on the public, such as cryptocurrency and virtual reality hardware. While those developing the tech should work on easy interfaces, simple to use features, and appealing designs, the marketing team are responsible for getting people to try out new tech. Sometimes it can be difficult, with a campaign necessary to convince people of the virtues of something they have no experience or knowledge of. Other times, the rollout is dragged down by the public themselves, eager to get their hands on some life-enhancing kit. So, how can people be convinced to use new technology?

Build a Fanbase

Apple used a clever strategy to build the world’s first $2 trillion company – they grew an army of loyalists. Some people bought into the Apple dream and possess every single new smartphone and tablet and any auxiliary equipment such as headphones, watches, and other wearable tech. These people want to justify their love for Apple, so will often shout about how good the company is and how good the products are.

They then act as beacons of amplification of the brand’s message. Conversationally, they may even suggest the products and tech to their friends and when the technology does appear, people will have already been introduced to it through their friends who were early adopters. So, building a fanbase is one of the best strategies for convincing people to use new technology.  

Present an Offer

Another method of attracting people to new technology is through an incentive. Incentives work well in business to change people’s habits and even their shopping loyalties. Sometimes those who adopt something early are given a special offer for doing so e.g. early adopters of Quibi could have had 90 days as a free trial instead of the customary few weeks. The technology may not have been groundbreaking, but it was a new way of using existing technology in a bid by the company to affect our viewing habits.

Moreover, the online casino industry utilizes incentives in order to get people who haven’t tried the digital method of playing the traditional games to get involved. A no deposit casino bonus is a highly favourable offer for players to take advantage of by giving an incentive of something like blackjack credits for signing up with a particular site and playing a new form of game that they may never have engaged with before. The safety net would make people more likely to try it before they fully committed, especially if they weren’t used to the kind of technology it used.

Technology is constantly growing and it’s important for those marketing it to ensure it attracts the right people and continues to build the company. Not all technology achieves this, and sometimes new gimmicks are dropped quickly. Other times the tech catches on without much of a sell from the company. These things are difficult to predict, but there are ways – such as creating fanbases and offering incentives – to make it more likely the technology will catch on.

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