Hitachi Solutions Canada Ranked One Of Canada’s Top Technology Companies: Branham300

Hitachi-Solutions-logoNew Delhi, India, May 5, 2014: Listed by Branham300 as a leading information and communications technology (ICT) company, Hitachi Solutions Canada cracked the Top 25 Canadian ICT Professional Services Companies list for the first time and elevated three spots on the Top 250 Canadian ICT Companies list.

President of Hitachi Solutions Canada Muneer Hirji said, “Our improved position on the Branham300 list year after year is reflective of our consistent growth as an organization. Our financial health is accomplished by keeping our employees happy, and in return, they work hard to keep our customers happy. This is our recipe for success, and I’m pleased to say it’s working.”

The Branham300 list highlights top Canadian and Multinational ICT companies operating in Canada according to revenue. For 21 years, the list has provided valuable insight into the technological advances and economic contributions made by these innovative companies.

President and CEO of Branham Group Wayne Gudbranson said, “Hitachi Solutions Canada has been a constant on the list for many years, and each year they have consistently ranked higher. This is the first time they have placed on the Top 25 Canadian ICT Professional Services Companies list and we look forward to seeing their continued success.”

At the time of the nomination, Hitachi Solutions was transitioning from Ideaca to Hitachi Solutions Canada as the result of a recent acquisition of the company by Hitachi Solutions America. For this reason, the Branham300 list shows Hitachi Solutions Canada’s ranking as “Ideaca (now Hitachi Solutions Canada).”

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