Here’s why you should get a self hosted WordPress website

There was a time, when approximately everyone was starting his/her own Blog/Website. They opted either Blogger or WordPress for making their own Blog/website. But now, time has shifted, those Blogger or WordPress enabled websites can give you platform, but on the visibility front, it is nill.

How Visibility Is A Main Concern In Blogger or WordPress Enabled Websites?
  1. You haven’t proper domain name for your blog/website.
  2. If you think that once your Blogger or WordPress enabled websites will be hit then you will purchase a domain name, then you are wrong.

Example: Suppose right now, you have a WordPress enabled website and its URL is, you can remember your website name and open it always, but think about your readers and visitors of your website, they will unable to remember this long URL. Another disadvantage is, whenever you want to purchase, may be, this domain will not available.

      3.  People always remember one string URL or Domain name, like,,

Above are the main drawbacks of Blogger or WordPress enabled websites. Now,  I will tell you how can you make a self hosted WordPress website and get more visibility.

Self Hosted WordPress Website
  1. You have to purchase a Domain name. There are many websites available on internet, which provides Domain names, like .
  2. Once you have purchased your favorite Domain name then you have to purchased hosting space, I always recommend people for WordPress hosting. It is good for beginners.
  3. Once you have purchase hosting space then you can start your own WordPress enabled website.
  4. Your hosting provider will provide you Login and password for FTP and c-Panel. Now, go inside c-Panel by using your Login and Password of c-Panel.
  5. Inside c-Panel, scroll down the page and click on WordPress icon inside Softaculous App Installer area. From here, you can easily prepare your own WordPress website.
  1. Domain name should be simple and easy to remember for your visitors or website’s readers.
  2. Never run for cheap hosting agencies, always choose good and reputed hosting agency like .
  3. Make strong password and never share it with anyone.
  4. Don’t copy paste content for your website from other websites, it is illegal and you will be trap in copyright issue. Always focus on your own content.
  5. About Us & Contact Us pages should be on your website.
  6. Make an e-mail id by using your domain name or your website name, if your Domain name or website name is, then e-mail id will be like, or if you want to make by using your name, then it will be “your” (

Hope now, you understood that self hosted websites are much better than Blogger or WordPress enabled websites. Pricing for any self hosted website is not too costly. You can also visit web hosting black friday deals. News Service

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