HCL Technologies launches Graphic Novel at Comic Con 2015

New Delhi, India, April 7, 2015: HCL Technologies today launched ‘Chronicles of Ideapreneurs’ – a graphic novel featuring great case studies and ideas from HCL frontline employees. The novel was launched by Prithvi Shergill, Chief Human Resource Officer, HCL Technologies at the Bangalore leg of the very popular Comic Con Fest. The novel is developed by the company to celebrate employee’s contributions and is aimed at giving every employee the license to ideate proactively and implement those ideas.

This launch is in line with HCL’s belief & culture of Ideapreneurship and salutes the “ideapreneurs” who ideate proactively every single day to save or add value worth millions of dollars to HCL clients across the world. The graphic novel is a collection of these unassuming real life heroes who by creating intrapreneurial solutions go beyond mere contractual expectations or just what their job requires them to do. Each true story is depicted and written as an individual graphic novel episode making for easy reading and brings each case study truly alive.

At HCL, the philosophy of Employees First, Customers Second has now become a culture of Ideapreneurship – where each and every employee is encouraged to come with ideas that are proactive, intrapreneurial and add value for clients and for HCL. Above all, it allows HCL to differentiate itself in the I.T. engineering and services space as the company where “ideapreneurs take the relationship beyond the contract”. The culture has been institutionalized through internal tools called the Value Portal, LeadGen, Mad Jam & Good Practices Conference and a reward and recognition program.

The first volume of the book is out and subsequent stories and volumes are expected in 2015.

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