Happiest Minds ties up with XchangeLabs for develop SiteMed

Happiest Minds-logoNew Jersey, US, September 19, 2014: Happiest Minds Technologies, a next generation IT services and solutions company today announced its successful partnership with XchangeLabs, a global leader in pharmacy automation solutions.  Together, Happiest Minds and XchangeLabs have developed SiteMed, an automated, one-of-its kind remote dispensing system for the Long Term Care Pharmacies. Pharmacies are getting increasingly busy as a result of shortage of pharmacists as well as a significant rise in prescription volume, attributed to baby boomers leading to higher risk of errors. SiteMed, can help avoid slip ups in dispensation of drugs to the elderly, eliminating risk to their health & safety. Further the automated solution can also help in decreasing wastage of medicines as it accurately controls dispensation of drugs as per prescriptions.

The solution empowers the medical staff at long term care facilities to dispense requisite doses in the packets that contain patient details with just a simple click. While the system is extremely helpful in dispensing the routine medication, it also helps the medical staff at the facility to issue ‘special’ orders such PRN or ‘as needed’ prescriptions, Emergency Kits [E-kit] and ‘Leave of Absence’ prescriptions effortlessly and accurately.

Amar Pai, VP, Engineering, XchangeLabs said, “We are focused on creating technologies that will help pharmacies serve their patients better. While SiteMed, can substantially improve the productivity of pharmacy staff and bring down wastage, the most important aspect is how this solution will contribute to enhancing patient safety and care. Our association with Happiest Minds has proved to be extremely fruitful. Their deep domain knowledge, technical expertise, agile execution and most importantly their commitment to make this solution a success made them an ideal technology partner for us.”  

Joseph Anantharaju, CEO, Product Engineering Services, Happiest Minds said, “We are absolutely delighted to be part of the development of this disruptive solution that directly impacts lives of thousands of patients. Product Engineering Services is a strategically important and thriving vertical for us and success of SiteMed is a testimony to our expertise in this area.  Another area of great satisfaction for us is that we were able to work very closely with XchageLabs understanding their vision and ensured that we brought to the table the best technical skills, project management capabilities and timely execution to surpass their expectations.”

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